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Your commercial refrigeration equipment rarely gives you advanced notice when they are ready to break down, and this happens when you need them the most. Hiring the first person or company that you come across might not help, as most of them are there to cheat you. Most of them use cheap imported parts for repairing your equipment. Some of them even remove original working parts and replace them with fake ones.

No need to worry

However, there is no need for you to worry as we at OKC Restaurant Service are there to help you. We offer repair services round the clock so you can call us whenever you need. Our factory trained and skilled technicians, armed with the latest diagnostic tools, will reach your place shortly, check your faulty equipment, locate the problem, and fix it. In case a part is damaged, our professionals will replace the damaged part with original equipment manufacturer parts, and provide you with a comprehensive warranty. In case our replacement part(s) malfunctions within the warranty period, we shall replace it free, and this includes labor too. We undertake:

Commercial refrigeration repair

Walk in refrigerator repair

Walk in freezer repair

Walk in cooler repair

Door Leaks are the most common problem with walk-in coolers. After years of use or due to dirty conditions, the seams of such coolers lose their grip. This causes warm air to seep inside the cooler and form condensation. This ultimately leads to wet floors, growth of mold, as well as unsanitary conditions for your commercial kitchen.

Your commercial walk-in freezer protects inventory worth thousands of dollars, safely storing food for your clients. Proper maintenance and care enhances its longevity, as well as speedy repairs when problems arise. Delaying any further might worsen the problem. Some of the common problems with this equipment includes:

Ice in drain pans

Excessive buildup of ice

Excessive temperature fluctuations

Lack of power

Malfunctioning thermostat

Although commercial refrigerators typically produce some noise, the noise should be inaudible from a distance of a couple of feet. This equipment is equipped with fans, motors, compressors, and other moving parts that generate noise. However, in case you hear extreme or unfamiliar noises emanating from your commercial refrigerator, it is a warning sign that something has gone wrong with your refrigerator that needs the attention of a professional.

Is your walk in refrigerator not generating enough chill to keep the foods and other perishables stored inside it cool? Open the door and check if the light switches on. In case the light does not glow, chances are possible that the trip switch, which gets activated when you open the door is at fault. This is not a serious problem. However, problems with the power supply can also prevent the lights from turning on. You can confirm this by pressing your ear against the refrigerator’s fridge and check if you hear a humming noise. In both cases, contact a professional immediately.

Instead of taking a risk by hiring a non-professional contact OKC Restaurant Service today. We have been servicing all types of coolers, refrigeration equipment, walk in refrigerators, and walk in coolers in the Oklahoma City Metro area for many years. Our obsession is to keep your cooling equipment in tip top condition to ensure that they never break down. Visit our website or contact us at 405-721-0455 for an obligation free inspection and quote. If we cannot fix it, nobody else can.