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Warehouse freezer, refrigeration unit on the wall inside the room


Restaurants store large volumes of perishable goods. Most of these will require refrigeration in order to remain safe for consumption. Keeping a low temperature is essential as heat will foster the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria, thus causing the ingredients to go bad. Examples of things that need constant refrigeration are meat, dairy, and vegetables. For business, there are regulations that govern this process. Compliance is necessary if they wish to keep their license to operate. Of course, there are also real and immediate consequences for failing to keep food items cold. 

Walk In Cooler Repair Service

Medium to large restaurants are likely to use walk in coolers instead of the typical household refrigerator. These are much larger so they can accommodate a bigger volume of goods. The items are easier to organize and access inside the space. Additionally, the setup is generally more efficient than having a long array of smaller refrigerators. This is also what supermarkets and hotels do for their fragile food products. These enclosed spaces usually have a footprint of under 3,000 square feet and are used for medium-term storage. Standard refrigerators may still be used for short-term storage for smaller amounts of ingredients. 

The downside of walk-in coolers is that any problem with the system will affect the whole operation. For example, the unit might stop working altogether or fail to reach the desired temperature. Issues like this will not happen often but they will cause great trouble when they do. The amount of goods they hold will simply not fit in standby refrigerators. Thus, immediate walk in cooler repair is vital if any problem is spotted. Time is gold as valuable goods are at stake. Restaurants must have a reliable walk in cooler repairs company on emergency dial should they need the service. 

Common Issues with Walk in Coolers

1. If the power is on but the control board has no display, then it might be a blown fuse, a short in the transformer, or a failure in the control board itself. This calls for professional work so look for walk in cooler repair near me.

2. If the compressor is not running, then the relay might be tripped, the coil might be defective, or the compressor could be malfunctioning.

3. If there is high discharge pressure, then it could be a sign of dirty condenser coils, non-operational fans, or refrigerant overcharge.

4. If ice is building up in the drain pan, then the heater might be defective or the drain line might be clogged.

Walk In Cooler Repair OKC

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