walk in cooler repair Oklahoma City Oklahoma

Male technician measuring voltage during repair of industrial air conditioner


There are few things worse for a business owner in the summer to find out there their walk in cooler is not working properly. In just a short amount of time, food, drinks and more can be totally unusable if something isn’t done right away. Fortunately, those located in the Oklahoma City area can rely on Metro OKC Restaurant Services.

Help When You Need It Most

We understand the importance of a working walk in cooler. Just a few hours down can cause a lot of issues. Our walk in cooler service technicians are not only fast to the scene, but fast to properly identify and fix the issue. 

In most cases, it’s a straightforward fix that is needed. We carry parts for all major commercial appliance brands, which helps speed up the process as well. Instead of having to order a part and wait, the fix can be pulled off the very same day.

Coolers are our specialty, but we also offer commercial freezer repair, walk in freezer repair, refrigeration repair, commercial ice machines repair, commercial refrigeration repair, restaurant cooking equipment repair, deep fryer repairs, ice cream machines repair and more.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

So how did it get to the point that walk in cooler repair OKC was needed? Sometimes, it’s just bad luck, as something happens out of the blue. Other times, it was a lack of regular, scheduled maintenance. It might not seem that important, but it can reduce the risk of major problems.

Businesses that rely on coolers every single day should be scheduling regular maintenance, especially for added protection in the warm OKC climate. We offer a full testing and maintenance service at an affordable price. Maintenance services include: testing all components, calibrating the entire system, cleaning tough to reach inside casing and full motor examination. 

Just a little bit of care throughout the year can go a long way towards protecting your business. Sometimes it takes learning the hard way, but regular maintenance is usually more affordable in the long run.

Building Trust

By offering full service for walk in coolers, are goal is to develop a long-lasting, trusting relationship with every company we do business with. It is always beneficial to have assistance just a phone call away. We strive to deliver full service and 100% satisfaction at all times.

We have a growing number of major businesses in the Oklahoma City area who already depend on us consistently. Our attention to detail and customer service is often cited in reviews as the main reasons why companies trust us to get their appliances back to normal.

Getting  Started

Need our help? With over 25 years working in the industry, we know what it takes to get fast repairs when needed most. For maintenance or other non-emergency issues, use the contact page on our website at https://okcrestaurantservice.com/contact/. For emergency issues, feel free to calling directly for service. In the Oklahoma City area, call (405) 721-0455.